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Dr. Anatoly Bensianoff, owner of Magic Smile Dental in Linden, NJ, began his dental career as a volunteer at a dental clinic in Brooklyn, New York.  Inspired by his experiences, Dr. Bensianoff moved on to New York University Dental School where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, followed by a dental residency at Staten Island University Hospital.  Today, Dr. Bensianoff manages a family dental practice that strives to maintain healthy teeth and gums for all patients.

As the link between dental hygiene and overall health has been scientifically substantiated, cosmetic dentistry procedures such as the application of dental veneers or teeth whitening are addressed only after the teeth and gums are healthy.  Dental patients today can have the smiles of their dreams, but the mistakes of yesterday should be treated first.

Consequently, Dr. Bensianoff provides several dental procedures, ranging from gum treatments and filing to root canals, in order to save natural teeth.  Adults seeking mild orthodontic work to straighten crooked teeth can inquire about conventional orthodontic treatment or Invisalign, the invisible dental braces solution.

Dr. Bensianoff also stays up to date on new dental techniques and technology in order to provide state-of-the-art care to his patients if standard therapy proves ineffective.  For example, Dr. Bensianoff added two invaluable pieces of equipment to his practice: a CT scan and Piezo device.  Both of these devices allow Dr. Bensianoff to place implants and remove teeth safely, more efficiently, and with quicker recovery time.  When obtaining new equipment, Dr. Bensianoff always has his patients’ best interests at heart.

Simply put, at Magic Smile Dental, your oral health is our number one priority.


Health comes first. Aesthetics come second.

– Dr. Anatoly Bensianoff

Dental Specialties

At Magic Smile Dental in Linden, New Jersey, Dr. Bensianoff performs all the standard dental services, plus his specialties:

Conventional Orthodontics


Dental Implants


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