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Dental Night Guard in Linden in New Jersey

If you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping, you may often wake up with dull headaches or jaw pain. To prevent this, you’ll need a night guard.

At Magic Smile Dental, we offer a custom-fitted night guard for every patient that is durable and comfortable to wear.

Our dental night guards in Linden, NJ are designed to improve your oral health while helping you sleep better. You can trust our team of highly skilled dentists to provide quality care for all your dental needs. Get in touch with us today.

What is a Dental Night Guard?

Dental night guards are primarily used to help those who tend to clench or grind their teeth at night, otherwise known as bruxism. These are involuntary actions that may be caused by chronic stress, certain medications, some sleep disorders, and a variety of other conditions.

No matter the cause, however, bruxism can be detrimental for the person who has it. This is where night guards come in. Night guards are similar to a retainer in that they can be worn on the top or bottom teeth at night. Though, in this case, it’s to help protect them from the effects of bruxism. While they do not stop bruxism altogether, they prevent the top and bottom teeth from hitting each other, thus mitigating its effects.

Each dental night guard in Linden, NJ we provide is made from high-quality, durable materials. We ensure that every piece is molded perfectly to your teeth, matching your exact measurements. You can be sure that they are made for all-night wear without causing any sleep interruptions.

two night guards
two night guards

Why Should You Wear a Night Guard?

Here’s how a dental night guard in Linden, NJ can benefit you:

Prevents Teeth Damage

Wearing a night guard ensures that your upper and lower teeth will be protected, preventing any damage and wear due to bruxism.

Alleviates Pain and Discomfort

Chronic headaches, tooth pain, or jaw soreness in the morning are the common symptoms of bruxism or teeth grinding. If you frequently experience this, you may need to wear a night guard while you sleep.

Dental night guards are created to prevent your teeth from grinding against each other. By using them continuously, most patients are able to find significant relief from pain or discomfort.

Helps With TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder, often called TMJ, occurs when the temporomandibular joints located on the sides of the face become misaligned. When this happens, one can experience a sore jaw, a feeling of pain in and around their ears, headaches, and chewing difficulties. Severe cases may even cause the jaw to lock up temporarily.

When you wear a dental night guard, you can reduce the tension in this joint area and help you avoid developing TMJ.

How Long Does a Dental Night Guard Last?

How long a night guard lasts depends not only on the materials used to make it, but also how much you’re taking care of it.

Just like your teeth, proper cleaning of your night guard will keep it in good shape. And, also like your teeth, you can clean it pretty easily. Simply use a soft-bristled toothbrush, toothpaste, and some water to wash it thoroughly and get all the plaque and bacteria off of it. You can also ask your dentist if they have a special solution so you can soak it every week. After you’re done cleaning your night guard, simply dry it off and keep it in a safe, dry location, preferably the case it came in.

If you get a night guard from a trusted dental clinic like Magic Smile Dental and take proper care of it, your night guard should last for years to come.

hand pointing at nightguard
hand pointing at nightguard

Is It Worth Investing in a Night Guard?

A custom-made night guard often costs more than an over-the-counter one. However, it is a worthy investment, especially if you are struggling with bruxism or teeth grinding.

Dental night guards prevent your teeth from getting damaged and worn out. This will save you a lot of money from costly restorative dentistry treatments, such as fillings, implants, or crowns.

Contact Magic Smile Dental Today

Magic Smile Dental provides a local and comprehensive dental solution for the whole family. Our expert team can recommend the right dental night guard in Linden, NJ to help with your teeth grinding or clenching. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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