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    Dental Implants Replacing Missing Teeth

Should you consider Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth?

Posted: 6/29/2023

Every year thousands of people face the loss of one or more permanent teeth. The question becomes, what should you do to correct this dental dilemma? Some people believe that if the missing tooth is in the back of the mouth, it is okay to leave an open space. What would be the harm? Who would even know?

The problem with not replacing missing teeth is that no matter where the position in your mouth is, teeth are critical to the structural integrity of your jawbone. The root system of your natural teeth keeps the jawbone strong; when a tooth is missing, the bone begins to deteriorate and can weaken the surrounding teeth, leading to further tooth loss. If left untreated, bone loss can progress to the point that surgical reconstruction of your jaw becomes necessary to keep the structure of your face intact.

Enter the modern dental solution that replaces the missing teeth and ensures the jawbone remains solid Dental Implants. The jawbone integrity is maintained by placing the implant directly into the jawbone itself. The titanium post, which forms the implant's base, is placed into the missing tooth's bone socket. Over a short time, the jawbone grows around the post, a process known as integration.

Once integration occurs, a small connector piece known as an abutment is attached to the post. The abutment holds the new tooth securely in place. Your unique, custom-made replacement tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Implants are strong, durable, and stain-resistant. They have a success rate of over 95%, and with proper dental care, implants can be expected to last a lifetime. Care for implants is the same care required for natural teeth; brush them twice daily, and floss every day. Be sure to keep routine dental check-up appointments to maintain optimal oral health.

Dental Implants can replace one tooth or an entire mouthful. Each implant tooth is carefully crafted to match your natural teeth in shape, size, and color. The dentist will use a local anesthetic for one or two dental implants; IV sedation is often used for more implants at one time. After the dental implant, there may be some mild soreness which you can treat with over-the-counter pain medications like Motrin or Tylenol.

Dental Implants give you back the ability to eat anything you choose without fear of slippage. Implants remain securely in place. Ill-fitting dentures can cause gum irritation leading to painful 'hot spots.' With Dental Implants, a poor fit is not an issue; they are as comfortable as natural teeth.

To be a candidate for dental implants, you should be in good overall health. Some health conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, will affect the success of implants. Inform the dentist about your current health status and provide a list of medications and supplements that you take.

Smoking is a leading cause of tooth loss and has a significant impact on the ability of your body to heal post-implant. Some studies show smokers have a higher failure rate for implants than nonsmokers. If dental implants are in your future, now is a great time to stop smoking.

The dentist will do a thorough oral exam and go over your overall health history to assess if you are a candidate for dental implants.

At Magic Smiles, we are committed to your dental health and happiness. Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about your tooth replacement options. Let’s bring the Magic back to your Smile!

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