Mindful Brushing

Mindful Brushing

The Zen of Tooth Brushing

Dr. Gregory DeVries of Life Smile Dentistry in Wayne, NJ talks about the zen of brushing.

Get enlightened while your teeth get whitened.

How much thought do you give to your tooth brushing routine? Picture this: It’s the end of a long day. You’re ready to get some rest. The only thing between you and your bed is your pesky conscience, which is reminding you to brush your teeth. You walk to the bathroom, pick up your tooth brush, squeeze out some toothpaste and begin mechanically moving your arm back and forth. As you create those minty fresh bubbles in your mouth, your mind begins to wander; deadlines, anxieties, daydreams, imaginary conversations… none of these things having anything to do with your oral health. Sound familiar? Many people are indeed brushing twice a day, but how many of us are brushing mindfully? Probably not very many. It’s time to bring more awareness to our oral health. Staying in the moment is important in all areas of life, because mindful practice will lead to quality habits. Brushing is no different. Pay attention. How are you holding your brush? Where are you brushing? Why are you brushing? If your thoughts drift, bring yourself right back to the task at hand. Get enlightened while your teeth get whitened.


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