Implants for Missing Molars

Implant dentist in Linden NJ, Anatoly Bensianoff, speaks about how missing back teeth (molars) often go overlooked because they aren’t seen, and the aesthetic appearance of visible teeth are typically made a priority. Dr. Bensianoff suggests that, while the smile is very important to us, it is the loss of the functionality of the missing molars that can set off a chain reaction. Our teeth are always shifting, and without the missing teeth in place, much more can go wrong, such as TMJ (lower jaw) misalignment, cavities growing from food trapped in gaps, and neck and back pain.

Linden NY dentistMany patients are under the impression that a missing molar is not such a big deal, since it can’t be seen in the back of the mouth. At Magic Smile Dental, we see a lot of patients who ask us to repair a chipped tooth in the front before replacing a missing back tooth. This attitude is a mistake that can eventually lead to serious problems with the teeth, gums, jawbone, and face.

The most advanced method of replacing missing teeth today is the dental implant. An implant is unique in that it replaces a tooth in its entirety, from crown to root. This is achieved by inserting into the jawbone a tiny screw to serve as an anchor for the new tooth. Once the implant has been placed, an abutment and then a dental crown can be attached. The finished product is a fully-functional tooth that looks natural.

A tooth implant will circumvent a host of dental problems that are caused by a missing molar. The crown will hold the place of the tooth, preventing surrounding teeth from shifting and loosening. Also, since it is attached to the jawbone, the replacement crown will prevent the bone loss and TMJ problems that can occur when a tooth is missing for a long period of time.

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